About Sydney Integration

Tomorrow’s technology today from Sydney Integration.

Sydney Integration are the leading technology experts for Integration, Control and Automation. 

With over 10 years in the industry, Andrew and his team can design and install a customised, state of the art system that will take your home or commercial site into the world of tomorrow's technology. 

Customer service is the focus of Sydney Integration and we aim to utilise our vast experience to exceed our clients expectations.

To ensure our installations provide the most advanced products on the market, we are an independent vendor. This allows us to source our products from the world’s leading technology companies without compromise.

Whether it is new construction design or retrofit for existing homes or offices, you will be amazed how Sydney Integration can add convenience and value to your home or work place.   

Integration is the Key to Home Automation
By Integrating the wiring system to control multiple systems throughout your home or office, we can help to reduce your electricity bills substansially. This includes lighting, security and entertainment systems, climate control, spas, irragation systems and pool heaters.
User control is maximised by interfacing all of your home’s amenities. Sydney Integration can ensure the proper infrastructure is in place for you to reap the full benefits of today's options while preparing you for future technological advances.

Having all of your amenities integrated together with easy-to-use touch panels and keypads turns automated control into reality.