What's different about VidaBox™?

Every VidaBox system manufactured is not just another box - it's a custom manufactured, engineered system that is built to your specifications. There are no "off the shelf" systems - our systems are build to meet or exceed your requirements, with nothing extra that you don't need.

Instead of throwing your money away with standard electronics and systems, VidaBox systems are expandable over time and allow you to "grow your system", preventing product obsolescence by allowing you to upgrade or expand the system and add more features. Start with a single system, and add in more components as needed!.

Whether you need a simple audio server, multiroom AV distribution with media servers, or a complete, whole house setup involving control and integration of lighting, climate, security, spa/pool/jacuzzi, blinds, and more - VidaBox™ can custom engineer a solution for you. Contact us today with your project's specific details to see how we can assist!


Why is a custom solution better?

Even though custom-build systems take slightly longer to build, we believe them to be a better solution for several reasons:

- You get exactly what you want - nothing more, nothing less
- You get a better value & not paying extra for unnecessary features
- Systems are 100% kitted & pre-configured at the factory to save install time
- If required, we can implement designs leaving room for future expansion

Instead of spending time figuring out if equipment will work properly in the field, spend that time with us and tell us about your project. Our vast experience in working with AV equipment allows us to quickly recommend and suggest the right components and parts to complete the project.

Not sure where to start, or which system to choose? Just give us a call today and we'll be happy to assist & provide design suggestions! and we'll be happy to assist & provide design suggestions!


What's unique about VidaBox™ hardware?

VidaBox solutions are truly engineered from the ground up, providing abetter suited solution then just using generic parts.

For example,VidaBox Media Centers Systems are powered by WIndows Media Center, but unlike standard media centers supporting MCX extender technologies (XBox360®, etc.), we have created our own line of Extenders to provide support for popular features like multi-room Blu-ray and DVD streaming complete with the original menus, subtitles, extras, and more - as if viewer had the original disc. Our unique media center hardware allows you to provide a world-class entertainment experience without any sacrifices in AV performance.


How is VidaBox's customer support?

We believe that the quality of customer support is just important (if not more) - than just the quality of the product. Your VidaBox installer, integrator, or dealer will act as your single point of contact through the entire project - from the beginning sale to the end installation, providing full accountability.

Your installer is fully versed and the most knowledgeable in your particular AV setup, allowing him/her to best install our VidaBox systems. Thus, if any issues do arise, s/he can quickly troubleshoot what the issue is and get you back up and running.